Report an Incident

Reporting may sound intimidating, but it’s really just a conversation that allows you to discuss your options and gives you access to various resources. Whether you have experienced or witnessed an incident or behavior, there are multiple venues through which you can make a report to the University. The staff at each office often work closely with one another, and the SHARE Center, to help meet your needs, if you wish. The reporting options are not mutually exclusive: you can pursue any or all of them as you wish. Unless there is an immediate or ongoing threat to individual or community safety, the choices are left up to you.

Ways to Report

Procedures for Individuals with Reporting Responsibilities

Have additional questions about the process or available options?

LiveSafe app

LiveSafe logoWith the LiveSafe app, members of the Yale community can communicate via smartphone with the Yale Police, the Title IX Office, the SHARE Center, and the Office for Equal Opportunity Programs.  The LiveSafe app, which was first launched at Yale in July 2015, provides an easy and effective way to connect with these Yale resources.

LiveSafe is free.  Download the app through your preferred app source