Title IX Coordinators

Title IX Coordinators are available to consult with members of the community about their concerns and questions related to sex- or gender-based discrimination or sexual misconduct. Coordinators can review options, identify supportive measures, and connect individuals with other campus resources, such as the SHARE Center or the Yale Police.

Yale College, the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, and the professional schools have each designated a senior administrator or faculty member as a Deputy Title IX Coordinator. The Title IX Coordinator within your school or unit may be best able to help you. However, you may contact any of the Title IX Coordinators.

University Title IX Coordinator
Elizabeth Conklin
Associate Vice President for Institutional Equity, Accessibility, and Belonging elizabeth.conklin@yale.edu 203.432.6854
Senior Deputy Title IX Coordinators
Jason Killheffer
Assistant Provost for Academic Integrity jason.killheffer@yale.edu 203.432.6854
Deputy Title IX Coordinators
Nadine Koobatian
School of Architecture
Assistant Dean, Student Affairs nadine.koobatian@yale.edu 203.432.1023
Sandra Burns
School of Art
Lecturer sandra.burns@yale.edu 203.764.0477
Alison Cunningham
Divinity School
Director of Professional Formation alison.cunningham@yale.edu 203.432.5330
Chantal Rodriguez
School of Drama
Associate Dean chantal.rodriguez@yale.edu 203.432.4781
Vince Wilczynski
School of Engineering and Applied Science
Deputy Dean vincent.wilczynski@yale.edu 203.432.4221
Angela Richard-Eaglin
School of Nursing
Associate Professor angela.richard-eaglin@yale.edu 203.737.6530
Andrés Fernández
School of the Environment
Assistant Dean for Student Affairs andres.fernandez@yale.edu 203.432.6286
Diane Cornelius Charles
Office of Institutional Equity and Accessibility
Associate Director, OIEA diane.charles@yale.edu 203.432.0849
Jamaal Thomas
Office of Institutional Equity and Accessibility
Senior Representative, OIEA jamaal.thomas@yale.edu 203.432.0852
Michelle Nearon
Graduate School of Arts and Sciences
Senior Associate Dean and Director of the Office for Graduate Student Development and Diversity michelle.nearon@yale.edu 203.436.1301
Matthew Tanico
Graduate School of Arts and Sciences
Assistant Dean of Graduate Student Life matthew.tanico@yale.edu 203.432.3260
Rebecca Udler
School of Management
Managing Director of Academic Affairs & Student Life rebecca.udler@yale.edu 203.432.7501
Cindy Crusto
School of Medicine
Associate Professor and Assistant Chair for Diversity in Psychiatry cindy.crusto@yale.edu 203.789.7645
Darin Latimore
School of Medicine
Deputy Dean and Chief Diversity Officer darin.latimore@yale.edu 203.785.6896
Jessica Wilen
School of Medicine
Assistant Professor, Director of Professional Standards jessica.wilen@yale.edu 203.737.4160
Albert R. Lee
School of Music
Associate Professor albert.r.lee@yale.edu 203.432.1965
Heather Reynolds
School of Nursing
Lecturer heather.reynolds@yale.edu 203.737.2370
Jody Sindelar
School of Public Health
Professor of Public Health, Professor of Economics jody.sindelar@yale.edu 203.785.5287
Katie Shirley
Yale College
Deputy Title IX Coordinator katie.shirley@yale.edu 203.432.6854
Rosemarie Fisher
School of Medicine
Professor Emeritus of Medicine, Emeritus Director of Resident/Fellow Well-being rosemarie.fisher@yale.edu 203.688.1449
Larisa Satara
Jackson School of Global Affairs
Deputy Director larisa.satara@yale.edu 203.436.4203
Lauren Horner
School of the Environment
Associate Director of Student Affairs lauren.horner@yale.edu 203-432-4247
Alexa Lindauer
Office of Institutional Equity and Accessibility
Senior Associate Director alexa.lindauer@yale.edu 203.432.0569
Jennifer Cerny
Law School
Associate Dean jennifer.cerny@yale.edu 203.432.7979
Suzanne Young
Graduate School of Arts and Sciences
Assistant Dean for Graduate Student Professional Development suzanne.young@yale.edu 203.432.8850
Ksenia Sidorenko
Graduate School of Arts and Sciences
Assistant Dean for Diversity ksenia.sidorenko@yale.edu 203.436.4171